GlobalTronics S.A.E. is an Egypt-based high tech enterprise ,founded in 1998, specialized in designing and manufacturing all types of power meter. The company main focus is digital power meters with a leading position in the Egyptian market. Additionally, we desing and manafacture bespoke digital devices based on customer requirements such as: Featured telephone device, point of sales, etc.


Our products cover: Standard Meters, Prepaid Meters and Smart Meters. In addition to Meters Management System (MMS) and Power Selling Management System. Our products use the latest technology and the best worldwide quality of components and techniques. 

i.    Electronic (Three Phase-Single Phase) Meters Series.
ii.   Electronic Prepaid (Three Phase-Single Phase) Meters Series.
iii.  Mechanical (Three Phase-Single Phase) Meters.
iiii. Remote Meters Reading System.    



i.   Power Selling Management
ii.  Meter Talk Management     
iii. Optical Communication Head. 
iiii. Hand Held Unit.


i. Compact Fluroscent Lamp .



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