Renewable Energy


Wind & Solar Energy
The urgency to substitute the currently conventional fuels with natural resources has emerged recently to address worldwide concerns regarding the eventual depletion of oil. Providing an inexhaustible environmentally friendly energy supply is the new target destination.
By 2020, Egypt is expected to satisfy 20% of energy demand by the utilization of natural renewable resources alone.Capitalizing on its unique market position, GlobalTronics has embarked on the renewable energy market full-force. Owing to the significantly growing demand of energy and the alarming shortage of traditional fuels, we strive to expand the application of inexhaustible resources energy production in Egypt, employing, first, its rich natural assets and, then, our collective expertise. We are open for partnerships with world-class suppliers, both in the financial and technical regard, pledging to dedicateour manufacturing proficiency and project management experience to the same target: clean, sustainable, and cost-effective power generation.