GlobalTronics S.A.E. is a high-tech enterprise based in Cairo, Egypt. We manufacture and design a wide range of electricity measurement solutions, including both devices and systems. In 1998, we founded the business to fulfill a growing need in the Egyptian market. Now, we’ve claimed a leading position in the field of power meters, covering Digital Meters, Prepaid Meters, and Smart Grid Solutions, in addition to Meters Management System (MMS) and Power Selling Management System.

Serving a variety of metering needs, our products are custom-tailored to fit the different requirements and demands of the end consumer. GlobalTronics provides the market with the finest collection of power meters, utilizing the latest technologies in the industry and the best worldwide quality of components and techniques. Our proven smart grid solutions have saved our customers an average of 15-20% in electricity consumption. GlobalTronics’ latest addition to the business is the employment of renewable energy. We aim to supply the region, one already rich in nature, with stable, reliable, and inexhaustible sources of energy.