GTPSMS – Power Selling Management System

– Adopts the structure of enhanced client/server relation database which is a management system with the function of registration, installation, prepayment, meter reading, charge statics and overall inquiry. It fits with all kind of GlobalTronics meters including Single-/Three-phase IC card meters.
– Provides a rigid management of operation authority, a basic data record function of convenience and standard, and perfect function of data backup, modification and restoration. Briefly, it is safe and reliable.
– Provides comfortable interface. Each step has corresponding prompt. Windows and menus design are simple and clear.
– Provides Menus, Shortcut Toolbar and Tool Panel so that the user can access each module easily. Menus include all the control modules of system function. Shortcut toolbar is composed of daily operation and other relevant modules in common use. Each module can be easily available if user has corresponding authority.
– Administrator can set up operation authority and password of operating personal (who can access the system after logging in with the password).
– Completely monitoring the customers’ electricity usage, with the additional function of multilevel check. It can detect customer’s abnormal consumption in time and check that on purpose.
– It can count precisely the amount of electricity selling and consumption and user can get all kinds of reports including daily, monthly, classified reports, meter reading reports, etc.
– Deals with all kinds of cards read/write operations (test card, checking card, setup card, reset card, and re-buying electricity purchase card).
– The system provides the ACR series of IC card reader-writer.
– Daily work includes registration, installation, power selling, amendment, meter reading, etc.
– All types of search are supported including power purchase record, meter reading record, and customer record.
– Classified security management for manger and operator can be set.